Louisiana Hospital Staffers Politicize Vaccinating Even As Covid Cases Rise.

Recent reports from The Advocate have been reporting on two topics that I believe are highly important. 

The first being the substantial rise in cases reported ever since Louisiana was hit with the recent Delta variant of the coronavirus. The vaccine’s effectiveness against the virus has dropped as much as 15%, from 95% to 80%, in completely preventing the virus from a state that would have you test positive and be transmittable, an 88% chance of the virus being asymptomatic, and a 5% chance of having symptoms that would cause you to be hospitalized.

Vaccine effectiveness reduced to 80%, 88% chance of being asymptomatic, 5% chance of being ineffective.

There are currently 4 variants in total (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and now Delta) that are present in the U.S as of now and while the virus continues to thrive, more variations and mutations are rapidly developing. As you probably know, it means that not only is the virus adapting to the vaccine and our immune systems, it also allows it to diversify its effect on the human body and the extremities of those symptoms. Scientists have been observing how easy the virus spreads, the symptoms, our test’s capabilities of detecting it, and the current vaccines effect on each variant to keep up and they’re worn thin.

We cannot stress this enough that how we deal with this virus in the coming days will shape how far we drift from herd immunity and the potential time to develop itself in new ways which we must constantly obtain more information on, ergo further distancing ourselves from a fully effective vaccine that will prevent it from mutating once and for all.

As coronavirus thrives, it’ll continue to mutate!

Get the vaccine, WEAR A MASK, social distance, and wash your hands people. The CDC has released updated guidelines mandating, or well..kindly suggesting that even if you’re vaccinated, wear a mask. I get that it can be a bit bothersome for some, but we’re almost a year and a half in with new cases and, worst of all, new deaths. I cried hearing about a healthy 5 year old little girl dying from this, making me worry about my own daughters and two awesome little dudes. I’d be devastated over losing to this. I’m terrified!

  Our state reports an average of nearly 3500 cases a week. On the 27th of July, an estimated 7000 new cases were reported THAT DAY! 98% non-vaccinated individuals and 2% that are currently in-patients in our hospitals. Little to room for anybody else who may be dying from the number of other health issues that are worse than they should be because of negligence. Louisiana is overall only 36% vaccinated according to that same group of statistics

Louisiana averages 3500 cases per week! An estimated 7000 new cases on the 27th! Only 36% in LA are vaccinated.

That being said, there is another report that I’ve been following. Being a majority of our hospitals in Louisiana have no mandates for their employees to get the vaccine. I’ll say it again. Our medically trained professionals are not mandated to have it and some are refusing. Downright suing if the hospital groups force them too. Obviously, the hospitals are winning.

It is not a violation of HIPPA rights. It specifically states that doctors cannot provide information about a patient’s health to anybody without their consent. It says nothing about not making it mandatory for your workplace. Sen. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not a credible source of information and people are actually trying this talking point..It’s dumb and unless your senator is Ron Desantis and live in Florida, where those mandates are illegal, there is no law against mandating it. They are doing the worst out of every state. Go figure.

Vaccine mandates are irrelevant to HIPPA rights.

The HCA and the LCMC would not comment on whether they would set mandates. Or a percentage that is vaccinated, but that’s fine. Many hospitals are waiting for full FDA approval which can come as early as September and as late as January. Flu season is in 2 months and it can take up to 6 weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective. I’ll even understand the hesitation from the common people, but if you practice medicine and still refuse to care about the Coronavirus, I really think you should get a new job. You do not belong taking care of patients while being so ignorant, and since you’re required to know the facts, you are deliberately ignoring it.

Medical practitioners should be vaccinated in the workplace!

If you are not immunocompromised, you have no excuse. You should be not only protecting yourself but every one of your patients as well.

Cites: https://ldh.la.gov/Coronavirus/ 





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