Louisiana’s First Historical Veto Session

On Friday, June 16th, Louisiana Lawmakers officially decided to proceed with their first veto override session in modern history. In 1974, the amendment of the state’s constitution required that lawmakers submit a special ballot to Baton Rouge to opt out of the process every year after each legislative session. Otherwise, be held within 40 days after the deadline.

12 out of 39 senate members and 35 out of 105 members of the house chose to vote against holding the veto session. The veto override session will be held on the 20th and must resolve by the 24th.

In accordance with the Louisiana Constitution and the will of the majority of its members, the Legislature will return to Baton Rouge to consider overriding vetoes made by Governor Edwards this session. This is democracy in action.” –House Speaker Clay Schexnayder, R-Gonzales

Republican lawmakers, along with Gov Edwards, had anticipated a veto session after Edward’s veto of the trans bill, widely requested by 450 pastors throughout the state to be overridden. The NCAA’s high-profile event is also at stake in their opposition to the bill’s discriminatory purpose. This can come at the cost of many jobs and have detrimental consequences to the state’s economy.

There is also the matter of constitutional carry, causing the division of many city mayors and sheriffs throughout the state. The NRA and gun-rights activist groups have weighed in heavily for Louisiana to join its neighbors as constitutional carry states.

The super majority, or 3/4 majority, belongs to the Republicans in the senate and are 2 shy of super majority in the house. Usually what makes an override session so rare to consider would be the super majority of the house and senate being required to override even a single veto. They have 5 days to convene and decide on 28 of them.

26 other bills besides to 2 main ones are on the agenda for this veto session. Several including voter restriction bills and provisions that secure liability funding for vaccine distributors as well as restrict the government from “discriminating” against those who aren’t vaccinating. This only serves to politicize a health crisis that is far from over. The advocate lists all of the bills in the article below.


No policy has been introduced to impose vaccination passes or any other inconveniences that restrict your freedoms or previously loosened guidelines already in place. However, I urge you to protect yourself and your loved ones by getting this vaccine. Some of these bills are meant to create a false narrative, designed to contribute statistics that reflect poorly on the current administration.


Republicans have failed to override the veto for constitutional carry and the transgender sports bill. Apart from the 300 million hike investment in road infrastructure, the key bills allowing concealed carry to non permit gun owners and discrimination of trans community in girl’s sports will not pass. That being said, many more are still on the block, including voter suppression bills and support for the anti-vaccine movement.

The advocate will be live updating at this link:


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