Louisiana Youth Must Vaccinate

As area schools begin letting out for summer break, these next few months are prime for getting vaccinated. Teens will be eager to spend the sweltering summer days at friends’ houses while also spending time at the local mall and eating at the various restaurants throughout town. With the minimum age for vaccination recently being lowered to 16, young adults must take the initiative to help slow the spread of the pandemic that has been ravaging the planet for over a year. 

For them to enjoy their break away from school safely, youth should be encouraged to be responsible and helped make appointments to receive the vaccine within the following months.

Over the summer, not only will teens have plenty of time to deal with the arm pain and other minor symptoms of the vaccine, but they will also be able to return in the fall to classes that resemble what they were used to for all their years before COVID-19. 

Many colleges and universities have set up vaccination stations for their faculty, staff, and students, which is how I received both doses of the vaccine. Through the summer, undergraduate students can easily set an appointment with almost any pharmacy in their area and even register online. With cases steadily lowering, we must all realize that it is not entirely gone.

Returning to successful classes in the fall with as many people vaccinated as possible is the only way we will have any feeling of normalcy.

Timothy Holdiness

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