Snow Covers Louisiana

With snow blanketing Louisiana, it’s citizens learned that most all cities in the state don’t have the infrastructure to deal with statewide snow and freezing temperatures.

Some of the state was without power and then lost water. Even with many people dripping their faucets as a preventative measure, the loss of power to water treatment facilities caused a major boil advisory.

It was clear that cities couldn’t do anything to clear road ways when snow and ice remained on the roads for days, causing schools to close and most business to not open.

Adding to the mayhem, grocery stores were forced to provide a limited stock due to inventory not arriving.

Bread and water was the first to be cleaned off shelves by worried citizens, and it wouldn’t be until days later that they were able to get the resources they needed.

It is imperative that the entire state have a plan in place for emergencies like the one we have dealt with and are still recovering from.

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