Vaccine Arrives in Louisiana as Governor Addresses Phase Two Restrictions

As the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine begins it’s release across the state, Governor John Bel Edwards plans to address restrictions next week.

Nurses were the first to receive the vaccine in Louisiana as the elderly are next in line.

Governor Edwards has said that he will address COVID-19 restrictions next week ahead of the Dec. 23 end to his previous reversal to Phase 2.

On Tuesday or Wednesday the Governor plans to keep the current restrictions and will not be relaxing them.

It is important that everyone continue to wear masks and to social distance as the vaccine won’t be available to the public until the spring.

With Louisiana receiving 39,000 vials of the vaccine, there are more expected to be delivered soon.

Politicians have been offered the vaccine ahead of others which comes as no surprise due to their influence.

The wealthy have tried to purchase vaccines for themselves proving that money is the ultimate bargaining chip.

The vaccine should be provided for free to everyone in Louisiana.

Nurses and the elderly are already first in line, while those with pre-existing conditions should be next, if they aren’t cut in line.

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