Vaccine coming soon?

Former President Barack Obama sat down for an interview on Sirus/XM and stated that he would receive a COVID-19 vaccine live on television if it is approved by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

This is a move to reassure the public in the intelligence and capability of our national scientists.

A day later two other fmr. Presidents Bush and Clinton said they would also take the vaccine on live tv.

Pfizer has recently applied for approval for the vaccine they made alongside BioNTech with Moderna also seeking approval.

The FDA is set to hold expert advisory committee meetings on Dec. 10 and 17, and will rule on both vaccines.

If there is a successful COVID-19 vaccine, it should be provided for free to those willing and wanting to show up.

While talk of heard immunity has futtered around since the start of the pandemic, millions would need to become immune to protect the at risk population.

In recent days, nursing homes and healthcare workers have been put first in line for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, if approved.

U.S. Expects to Immunize 100 Million High-Risk People by End of February, Officials Say –

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